Wednesday, May 14, 2014

IVF Czech

  We had our pregnancy test yesterday and it was a BFN.  We had a feeling that it didn't work and knowing that we don't have any embryos to freeze makes it easier to move on.  John told me before the trip that this one was our last, and if we would have had any embryos left I would have always wondered.  

  We have no regrets about any of our journey so far.  We have had wonderful experiences at both hospitals and would absolutely recommend traveling abroad for IVF.  The hospitals and staff were excellent and the treatments were top notch.  It just wasn't in the plan to work for us.   

  I will say that IVF can cause emotional, physical, mental, and financial strain on a couple, but for us going abroad was like our second and third honeymoon.  You aren't just going through IVF, you are on a vacation.  It is a much more relaxing experience, and much cheaper!  All in all, we spent about $10,000 on the trip and IVF cycle.  We didn't get pregnant, but we did get a once in a lifetime experience and will always have these postive memories. 

  This trip was definitely my favorite.  We had more time in between appointments, and since we had a car we could explore Europe three to five days at a time.  The trips I took for my FETs in Turkey with my mom were also really special.  I got to spend a total of four weeks with just her on a vacation in Istanbul, and it was awesome!  John and I are very thankful for everyone that has sacrificed and helped out to made these trips possible.  My mom, and John's dad, stayed with the boys and our dogs.  Two teenage boys, a big house, and two dogs is exhausting!    

We talked about adoption before the trip and have since decided to proceed.  We know nothing at this point.  John is wonderful at gathering information, and has been calling multiple agencies asking lots of questions.  At this point, I am not sure what questions I have, but I finally feel like this is where we need to head on our journey.  Anyone with any advice about adoption please feel free to email ( or send a message through the blog. We would love to talk to people that have been through it before and get real advice from adoptive parents.  I might continue to blog about the adoption process, I haven't really thought much about it.  Thank you for following us on our journey to a baby.  

Lake Bled, Slovenia on our first night of the journey!

More to Come....Maybe?

Kelly and John 

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