Monday, May 5, 2014

 IVF Czech
 Embryo Transfer 

  Well today is the day that I had my embryo transfer.  I should be an old pro at this, but it is always a little nerve wracking.  We arrived early and had to wait about an hour for our meeting with the embryologist.  She was a very nice young woman that explained to us that she recommended we transfer two healthy embryos.  One was very good at a high grade 2.  The other was a 3 and was developing well, but a little slower.  Unfortunately, I did not have any embryos to freeze this time around, which was a little shocking.  The news hit me hard, and after a good cry on John's shoulders and a talk from Petra, our coordinator, I realized I have to look on the bright side and stay positive.  To give the embryos the best chance of sticking I need as little stress as possible.  One thing that was nice is that we were given photos of our embryos, some of which were taken minutes before we met the embryologist. 

  I was taken to a room so I could change and wait to be called back to the procedure room.  John was able to go with me for the ET, which was great, because we both got to see the embryos on a live monitor above us when we walked in.  My bladder wasn't full enough causing my uterus to be at a funny angle, so the transfer ended up being a little painful and longer than normal. John was there holding my hand and stroking my hair, which made it much better.  We both really liked being in there together for the ET.  Dr. Krenek said that all went well and that I could test in two weeks.  I had to lay in the procedure room for ten minutes before I was transferred to my bed where I had to lay for one hour.  In the meantime I was given instructions and prescriptions for 100mg of aspirin and 5mg of prednisone, which I have to take for 20 days.  I am also to continue the Crinone for 12 weeks if I am pregnant.

  We had a couple days to rest after the transfer and then we drive to Vienna the day before our flight home.  The two week wait is definitely the hardest part.  I will try and update once I find out the result of the pregnancy test.

  Kelly and John 

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