Friday, April 25, 2014

IVF Czech
April 20-21st 

Well if you read the previous post you know that I had my second appointment at the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology and it went well.  We decided that since we had four days until our next appointment that we would take another trip.  This time we headed to southern Poland to the town of Szczawnica. The drive was beautiful all the way to Poland.  We had to go into Slovakia for most of the trip and then up to Poland.  The view of the snow-capped Tatra Mountains in the distance was stunning.  When we arrived in Szczawnica Sunday evening we were pleasantly surprised to find a mountainous village with quiet streets and beautiful views.  

Somewhere in Poland - Tatra Mountains
  We chose this area because John found a rafting trip you could take on the Dunajec Gorge in the Pieniny National Park.  We had absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  We didn’t even know where to pick up the raft or if you drove to the park, because the information on the internet was limited.  We finally figured out there was a parking lot with buses down the road, and they took you to the starting point up in the mountains.  It was only about fifteen dollars each for a two and a half hour ride. 

Dunajec Gorge, Pieniny National Park in Poland/Slovakia

  The boats usually have two guides, but we had a young man in training so there were three.  None of the guides spoke any English, which we expected might happen, but we had a good time anyway.  Apparently our guide was hilarious because everyone else in the boat laughed a lot, while we sat and enjoyed the scenery.
Dunajec rafting boat and guides

  The neat thing about this trip is that on one side of the river is Slovakia and on the other is Poland.  It is the only national park in two different countries.  

Dunajec Gorge - Poland is on the left, Slovakia is on the right

Slovakia from the rafting trip    
I believe this is the Polish side of the park

A stork nest on top of a building seen while rafting Dunajec Gorge !!!

 The trip ended just across a bridge from our car and dropped us near some restaurants.  We sat and ate pierogies and polish sausage, which were both delicious, and John of course had to try a beer.  It was a great trip, but we left shortly after lunch for the Wieliczka Salt mine which is near Krakow.  

More to come...   

Kelly and John 

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